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In 1993, I was backpacking in Europe and woke up one day to a not so comfortable rash on my genital area. In fact it was more like a rash that made me want to scream. I immediately went to the local hospital and was told I had genital herpes. The shock was more than I could bear at the time, but even more unbearable was the constant itching and the uncomfortable feeling that something foreign was on my body. I walked into the local pharmacy with no prescription and bought Valacyclovir or Generic Valtrex for a few dollars. Within 2 days the rash was gone and I started recovering from my shock. I was going home to the states in less than 2 weeks and I started doing research about Valtrex and Herpes online.

The first thing I wanted to know was how I contracted Herpes and the second was how can I cure it. I found that there are multiple strains of herpes and was amazed at the prices I saw for someone buying name brand valtrex online. Name brand Valtrex works because of the active ingredient - Valacyclovir. I had just paid less than $1.00 per pill in the local pharmacy for Generic Valtrex no prescription (Valacyclovir) and I was looking at prices for Valtrex online of $8 and up! I knew I had to stock up, but what would I do when my stash ran out in the states? Going to a doctor every month to fill a prescription is a pain in the ass and even with the prescription the prices would eat into my hypothetical paycheck drastically. However, the reviews I was reading on the online pharmacies weren't making me feel secure. I saw people who supposedly had received sugar pills and some people said they never received their order.

I'm not the type of person to be deterred easily and was a bit skeptical of the authenticity of some of these reviews. However, I didn't want my life to end over a few hundred dollars so I enlisted one of my close friends who is in Medical School. I told him that I'm going to buy Valtrex online and need him to run 1,000 tests to determine if the medication is real. He assured me that even if he had the time he wouldn't know how and that I was being a bit over cautious. He explained that generic medications are safe and that most people in countries around the world don't have thousands of dollars to spend on name brand medication. He recognized the names of a few of the generic manufacturers of the generic valtrex on the online pharmacies and told me to go for it. He assured me that I had a doctor to be on hand if anything went awry.

So, I took the leap and over the years ended up buying valtrex online from about 5 different pharmacies. I became more familiar with the industry and learned that most of the "pharmacies" online are simply website storefronts for the larger pharmacies online. There are less than 7 recognizable generic pharmacies online and hundreds of website storefronts that pretend to be full-blown pharmacies. After becoming familiar with and trusting a few generic pharmacies to deliver my generic valtrex, my determining factor soon became price. Even in the generic Valtrex industry, price can vary drastically.

How to Rate a Valtrex Pharmacy

When you buy valtrex no prescription online, I have found these factors to be of the utmost importance:

  1. Price
  2. Reliability
  3. Safe & Secure Website
  4. Fast and Free Shipping
  5. Responsive Customer Support
  6. Anonymity

Why I built this Website

I don't think any person should be denied the ability to buy medication when needed. You have to jump through hoops and spend way to much money in most countries to obtain proper medication. Why? Personally, I believe it comes down to one thing - Cash. Big pharmaceutical companies pay a lot of money to lobbysts to ensure they can spend billions of dollars on a name brand product and market to the public. These costs must be recouped and therefore the price of medication and in this case Valtrex skyrockets. Why would you pay $8 a pill of Valtrex, that some people take daily to prevent breakouts when you can buy generic valtrex, containing the Active Ingredient of Valtrex for less than $1 a pill. 365 days a year X $8 = $2,920 or 365 X .97 = $354.

When you buy valtrex online, there are multiple resources you will find and hundreds of reviews for online pharmacies. It comes down to which site you trust the most. The sites I recommend are legitimate and trustworthy. I know put up informational website on Valtrex to show people cost affective alternatives.

I hope you find what you are looking for!